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Monat: Februar 2015

One coffee please #coffee #portugal

Good Morning!

What do you need when you are starting into the day. Well from my point of view I can say things have changed over the few weeks. Well first of all, I start my day with a breakfast , almost muesli with fresh oranges. Yes oranges are here on every tree. But everydayi go to the local marked and by some from the farmers. Remember what I have told you before, it is a kind of respect, to talk with the people here in Portuguese. But that is another story. After the breakfast I go to my favorite coffee. I call it the factory, it is opposite the Academia Association and it sever, for me, the best coffee in town. I also like the stuff there and they know who I am. I think the factory has it`s focus on a bar in the evening, but I will use it for my coffee brake. This picture was made with a little bit of luck and after uma maja de leite. 🙂


What happens on the weekend. Well I will go to support the local football team. Maybe they need some desperate fans to support they way the play. I have no idea if I will know somebody, but I will by a ticket in the fan sector. Why not. If you are a fan from GAK nothing can stop you. In fact if this, I wish you a perfect day.

Good night and good luck

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Great view, but really old buildings

Well the next picture is also a good one. It has that touch of Austria in the 1980 or something. But ti be honest, and this seems to be my new word, Coimbra is really really cool. I have never seen a city where everyone cares about the other. It may be true, that Portuguese are different, but they are really helpful. My weak knowing of the Portuguese language is also not very helpful, but I am trying. And at the moment I am on a level, where I can order drinks and food, find my way to the university and some other small skills. It is a long time since I have thought about learning a new language or livei n a land where you don`t speak the language. Well that it is a challenge, but nevertheless it is a funny think to talk with “hands and feeds”. But I am really exited about the wireless connections here in and around Coimbra. It was hard and there are still some areas unexplored, but nowi think I know all the passwords and Wifi`s from the university to my home.


No I haven’t hacked them it was only a matter of coffee & beer drinking. In fact you get the passwords, when you are a guest in the bar. SO hopefully they will not change the keys. But I am really impressed about the capacity of the EDUROAM wireless. The universities and their faculties are located around the hills and not concentrated in the middle of the old town. But, the wireless is working really fine. Don`t be shocked about the pictures, if you come to Coimbra you will love this wonderful town.

See you soon, good night and good luck.

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Well it is going well in Portugal, the first steps have been made and it is time to think about what is happening the next few days. First of all, it was a wonderful weekend with my first run arround the Mondego river. Well it was really cool, as you know Coimbra is covered by over a few hundreds of steps so it is really fascinating to climb then on over the days. I have classes twice a week and I am awaiting the warmer weather to learn in to pure nature. Well maybe there is another ding, I want to feel the sun as soon as possible. It is true that the weather here is warmer, but not so much as suspected As I told you before, when you come to Portugal in Feb, be prepared for really cold winds. Well after the class I always go to the Cantina, this is one of my favorite thing. Because it reminds me of my military service. Standing in a line, and awaiting your meal. But to say it clear it was a always a great event to get some of the famous “Gulaschsuppe”. To be honest, what I eat here is not really definable. But it is a soup, with a meal and hey, you get bread also. And this to a price about 2,30€. And if you see the “Warteschlange” you can image that some of my colleagues likes it to.


Btw. it seem it is always wednesday… well good night and good luck


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Wednesday (quarta-feira) in Coimbra

When you have finished you things at the university and you want to have some fun. Then search for some suitable internet hotspots. I tried it today with the University network. And I was on my search for some nice portals. When you play ingress you know what I mean. I think Coimbra is the only university where you can check so many beautiful hotspots. Well that is the advantage when you life in a town where the university is already known as European heritage. When I think about it, it sounds a little bid weird, an Austrian explore the old university of Coimbra. But well, why not.. as I told you before why not Coimbra.

After a lunch I went back to the library and coded a few things, not really good but the first step was made to bring our project on track. But I will tell you more If I we have finalized some things. First step is always to have a plan, then we can think about it J

Yesterday I posted a picture about a crow. So how could we preserve and develop new things in our life. I found a video, better to say I remember a video of Patty Smith, “People have the power”. And when you read her lyrics you will know what I mean.

Remember, we have the power 🙂
Good night and good luck

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Why Portugal ?

This is always the question. And the answer is why not. From my point of view this is an interesting country with so many unsolved questions. And some of them we will discover in the next few months. As I told you I was on the way to Coimbra but before I arrived I saw a picture that combines history and modern technology. A head set coronet combination


Maybe this is a way to motivate people from the female side to join the development community. This was in Lisboa, the capital of Portugal. Did you know that Lisboa was build on 7 hills, and that there is a connection between Rome and Jerusalem? If not, you know it now. More o f Lisboa and the streets about it, maybe later. Now I have to do some programs which I will present a few posts later.
Have fun, and see or read you soon.

Good night and good luck Christian

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Coimbra here we come #coimbra #portugal #euromachs

My dear friends it is time to go to COIMBRA. But what is COIMBRA. Well this is a university in Porutgal one of the partner universities of the EUROMACHS program. Since last week me and a few other, 6 in sum are here to attend some interesting courses. First of all there is this course about the Portuguese language thing. It sounds really funny, but well I am learning Portuguese. The other courses are Game developing, Project Management and Programming. With this bundle of skills we will be able to do many things in the sector of digital long time preservation and with a special focus on culture.

So what is Coimbra? Here is picture on a rainy day. And take this as a note for trips. When you come to Portugal in Feb don`t think you can leave your warm winter jacket at home. It is true that the Portuguese people like the summer. But they are ready for the unexpected which means rain and 10 degrees in February. Yes for us Austrians this should not be a problem, but when you are wrong dressed the project you plan will never be a success. As Roxette said it in one of their songs “Dressed for success” there is always a need for the right clothes for the right time. And well here it is. Coimbra , world heritage and my home for the next months.


Good night and good luck, Christian.

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