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Portugese — go for it

It has been a while since I have uploaded some post. To be honest it was a really tough week. First of all I spend the weekend on an learning event. Portuguese language Test 1. I have no idea how this was but I recognized one think. If you want to speak the Portuguese way it is not enough to learn from the sheet. You have to interact with other people and to train the language in the field. You know what I mean. Well how can you do that.

The first approach is, add a Portuguese newspaper on your start page. Portuguese should cover your way. And you should start the morning with your new language.

Second when you have a radio, listen to the news. Don`t choose an 80ies channels choose one which is really Portuguese.

Third, if you got no Portuguese friends, then go out and find some. Or the other way, let them find you in BARS, CLUBS and on many other places. And always go to the same locations. The people are really kind and if you try to order in Portuguese the will help you with your language.

Forth. Go to a football match and find some new friends. It is an event, believe me, when you order your first ticket in Portuguese while the line behind you is growing bigger and bigger. And the moment when you have the ticket in your hand is unbelievable.

And the last advice for today, should be, warch TV. Especially TELENOVELAS which are really really really really big in this country. And they are in.. you got it PORTUGUESE.


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Or this – back in time

Or this, sometimes it reminds me about kindergarde 🙂
Have a good time…

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In the library

And here we are. Or better I am here where are you? Well today it is not really sunny so I decided to work a little bid on my project. And I recognized, damn thelib2re are some others who had the same idea then me.

But I am prepared I have enough money for the coffee machine and I have enough money to by me a beer afterwards. Well why not. I think I don’t have the opportunity in my live to life in a city which where thousands of students are located. Yesterday I missed the COIMBRA night runners. So that is a task for the next week. At the moment I am preparing myself for the presentation tomorrow where we will present our idea about MACAO.

MACAO was given to the Portuguese people from the Chinese emperor in the exchange of knowledge and to establish a route where the goods and materials can come to Europe by the sea. Here is a WIKIPEDIA article where you can get further information’s about. You can also change the language, if you want. lib1



LINK: http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Macau
But anyway the door will close in about 20 minutes so I have to finish the work. Hear from you soon. Maybe I will add a few Blog entries in German. Maybe next time.
Good night and good luck, Christian

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Another thing i did today.

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Streets of Coimbra #streets


And sometimes, there is what we call the weekend. But when the weekend begins, the streets of Coimbra are still there. When the sun has gone, they city does not sleeps. Especially on Thursday. This seems the day where all of the student’s are going out. And I? I am exploring the city in the night, here are some expressions about it.


If you are planning to go to Coimbra I would suggest that you begin your journey on Wednesday and stay over the weekend. You can begin to explore the city and after all, you can join the nightlife. I am still watching and exploring how this would be for the next few weeks.

Good night and good luck Christian

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Summer is here #Portugal #summer

Well the sun has discovered that I am in Portugal and until Monday it is really nice her. It is perfect, when you wake up and the sun is coming out, well that sounds like living. The other things are also going well. Yes we have some things to discuss about our project, but I look forward that we can solve the problems. Sometimes we had some really hot discussions, but that is how lifes goes on. In this week I was able to run for the first time in Portugal. It is really difficult, because I have to run up and down and up and down.. and as my FITBIT says I am doing more than 100 floors the day. So here are some pictures and impression about Coimbra.


Good night and good luck

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Processing 1 – implemented :-)

This is the colour code, why not.. 🙂

good night and good luck

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Processing Ping Pong 2 – short programm

Nothing really big, but i want to give you a few what is possible if you are trying to do processing 🙂

good night and good luck 🙂

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GAME DAY #Académica #Coimbra #Football

Well every town needs his own football club. And Coimbra has the ACADEMIA. To be honest I don`t know much about the club, but I know that I am now living in COIMBRA and so I need a team. And as I have proven in Austria I am not the glory hunter like others. When you look on the standings you could see COIMBRA is not the leading club and maybe his name is not so glorious like Porto, Benfica or Lissabon. But how cares, you belong to the team of your heart and your heart is where you life or where you have a connection with.

They played well today, finally it was a dram they had their chances, but in minute 70 a penalty killed the dreams. I was really impressed on my left side there was an old lady shouting out some portugese words I have never heard and so I have no idea what she was talking. It was awesome. First of all I thougt, good it is a raining sunday afternoon, why not try to watch the game. But I am excited and I can’t wait for the next matches. I am looking forward for the next match. Thank you ACADEMICA, you made my day. 🙂

IMG_0475Link: www.academica-oaf.pt

Good night and good luck, Christian

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One coffee please #coffee #portugal

Good Morning!

What do you need when you are starting into the day. Well from my point of view I can say things have changed over the few weeks. Well first of all, I start my day with a breakfast , almost muesli with fresh oranges. Yes oranges are here on every tree. But everydayi go to the local marked and by some from the farmers. Remember what I have told you before, it is a kind of respect, to talk with the people here in Portuguese. But that is another story. After the breakfast I go to my favorite coffee. I call it the factory, it is opposite the Academia Association and it sever, for me, the best coffee in town. I also like the stuff there and they know who I am. I think the factory has it`s focus on a bar in the evening, but I will use it for my coffee brake. This picture was made with a little bit of luck and after uma maja de leite. 🙂


What happens on the weekend. Well I will go to support the local football team. Maybe they need some desperate fans to support they way the play. I have no idea if I will know somebody, but I will by a ticket in the fan sector. Why not. If you are a fan from GAK nothing can stop you. In fact if this, I wish you a perfect day.

Good night and good luck

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