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Schlagwort: GameDevelopment

In the library

And here we are. Or better I am here where are you? Well today it is not really sunny so I decided to work a little bid on my project. And I recognized, damn thelib2re are some others who had the same idea then me.

But I am prepared I have enough money for the coffee machine and I have enough money to by me a beer afterwards. Well why not. I think I don’t have the opportunity in my live to life in a city which where thousands of students are located. Yesterday I missed the COIMBRA night runners. So that is a task for the next week. At the moment I am preparing myself for the presentation tomorrow where we will present our idea about MACAO.

MACAO was given to the Portuguese people from the Chinese emperor in the exchange of knowledge and to establish a route where the goods and materials can come to Europe by the sea. Here is a WIKIPEDIA article where you can get further information’s about. You can also change the language, if you want. lib1



LINK: http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Macau
But anyway the door will close in about 20 minutes so I have to finish the work. Hear from you soon. Maybe I will add a few Blog entries in German. Maybe next time.
Good night and good luck, Christian

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