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Tag 36 – First time..

Tja was soll man sagen, eine Woche ohne ein cooles 90ies Video, beziehungsweise ist es diesmal wieder ein Remix aus den 90er Jahren. Wenn man die Jungs im Video ansieht könnte man meinen, NERDS, aber wer macht heute damit Geld. Ja Mädls das sind diese Menschen. Ich schau mir das lieber von außen an, will ja keiner von den Nerds werden. Ich begebe mich daher eher auf die Glühweinstände. Auch wenn ich heute ein Bild von der Fahrt nach Kalsdorf posten wollte, dann muss ich das wohl morgen machen, …..for the very first time… und damit haben wir auch schon einen Abschluss gefunden.

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Wednesday (quarta-feira) in Coimbra

When you have finished you things at the university and you want to have some fun. Then search for some suitable internet hotspots. I tried it today with the University network. And I was on my search for some nice portals. When you play ingress you know what I mean. I think Coimbra is the only university where you can check so many beautiful hotspots. Well that is the advantage when you life in a town where the university is already known as European heritage. When I think about it, it sounds a little bid weird, an Austrian explore the old university of Coimbra. But well, why not.. as I told you before why not Coimbra.

After a lunch I went back to the library and coded a few things, not really good but the first step was made to bring our project on track. But I will tell you more If I we have finalized some things. First step is always to have a plan, then we can think about it J

Yesterday I posted a picture about a crow. So how could we preserve and develop new things in our life. I found a video, better to say I remember a video of Patty Smith, “People have the power”. And when you read her lyrics you will know what I mean.

Remember, we have the power 🙂
Good night and good luck

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