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Coffee :-) – you can make it through

Weil grade passt und das Wochenende vor der Tür steht. Und weil ja auch grade Freitag der 13. ist braucht man schon etwas um die Körperfunktionen aufrecht zu erhalten 🙂

“Get another coffee, get another one to make it through”

#Wochenende #Linux #IT #XML #AlwaysFun #Android #GAK

ps: Und Ab ins Wochenende, gemma wählen !!

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One coffee please #coffee #portugal

Good Morning!

What do you need when you are starting into the day. Well from my point of view I can say things have changed over the few weeks. Well first of all, I start my day with a breakfast , almost muesli with fresh oranges. Yes oranges are here on every tree. But everydayi go to the local marked and by some from the farmers. Remember what I have told you before, it is a kind of respect, to talk with the people here in Portuguese. But that is another story. After the breakfast I go to my favorite coffee. I call it the factory, it is opposite the Academia Association and it sever, for me, the best coffee in town. I also like the stuff there and they know who I am. I think the factory has it`s focus on a bar in the evening, but I will use it for my coffee brake. This picture was made with a little bit of luck and after uma maja de leite. 🙂


What happens on the weekend. Well I will go to support the local football team. Maybe they need some desperate fans to support they way the play. I have no idea if I will know somebody, but I will by a ticket in the fan sector. Why not. If you are a fan from GAK nothing can stop you. In fact if this, I wish you a perfect day.

Good night and good luck

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