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Schlagwort: EUROMACHS

Coimbra here we come #coimbra #portugal #euromachs

My dear friends it is time to go to COIMBRA. But what is COIMBRA. Well this is a university in Porutgal one of the partner universities of the EUROMACHS program. Since last week me and a few other, 6 in sum are here to attend some interesting courses. First of all there is this course about the Portuguese language thing. It sounds really funny, but well I am learning Portuguese. The other courses are Game developing, Project Management and Programming. With this bundle of skills we will be able to do many things in the sector of digital long time preservation and with a special focus on culture.

So what is Coimbra? Here is picture on a rainy day. And take this as a note for trips. When you come to Portugal in Feb don`t think you can leave your warm winter jacket at home. It is true that the Portuguese people like the summer. But they are ready for the unexpected which means rain and 10 degrees in February. Yes for us Austrians this should not be a problem, but when you are wrong dressed the project you plan will never be a success. As Roxette said it in one of their songs “Dressed for success” there is always a need for the right clothes for the right time. And well here it is. Coimbra , world heritage and my home for the next months.


Good night and good luck, Christian.

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And here is something what i do in my sparetime. As some of you know i`m attending my master in a new program called EUROMACHS. This program is the perfect combination between history and information technology. Have you ever thought about your document or the security of your data. Well then this is the thing what we are dooing. Our focus is to keep digital documents and so called born digitals alive over the time. Do you remember the big university of Alexandria. What do you think what happened if some of the documents not have been lost. In the further days I will explain you something about our new work..

For further informations check out the following links..

This is our Euromachs Project Phase 1 & 2 https://euromachs2014.wordpress.com/ and this it the name of the program:   http://euromachs.uni-graz.at/

Cheers Christian

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