Code hard – hint and more

Well and this i my approach how to solve problems. Image, when you are in a foreign country and you are trying to get the things done. Then what do you need. Right internet, a place to be and quiet in the realm..   J. OK at first the quiet you will only find at home. That’s the first point. Then you turn on the internet and you find, well nothing. You find no wireless and you find no mobility. You can not use your data roamin package, because on the one hand you haven`t got one and on the other hand it would be to expensive to use it all the time.
So what do you do.. You go to the university and log in with your account. After a few days this ia also boaring, because you can`t use your flat like you want. You know programming , coding and all of those things are better when you are naked. Because you code hard and you know it J

Well I never tried to do this in a coffee shop or something in that way. First of all I am not in Amsterdam and second am not an so called east german who loves the naturism

Ok bring it to the point and to say it clear I need Internet at home. So I ordered and wireless adapter with an external antenna. To improve the reach of the wireless adapter I adapted the card and added an additional antenna and well.. here is it I have internet and can use the university network at home. J Well thanks to the city of Coimbra that the faculties are scattered all over the town.

Now I can code at home and will present the results as soon as possible. Code hard 🙂

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