Too hot :-)

Hi there !

At the moment here in Portugal we have some pretty interesting stuff to do. First of all finishing all the papers for the university and then programming. I am not sure, which video I should post. The one which motivates me all over the day, or the other which give you the information what I do in the night. And when you are asking, wtf why is he doing this in the night. Remember, we are in Portugal, what do you expect I have better things to do on a 30 degrees + day. First of all go to the beach, drink some beers and party hard.
The day after the party it is time to code, and this is what I do. I have a nice project for my own. After we finished the university program I try to code something for my own. I know that I need some more skills for the next semester and this is what I do, when I have the time.

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