Coimbra #Portugal #Coimbra

I know some of you are missing beautiful pictures. But how should I do that. But well I tried. Here is my university. I am part of a history that lasts until now about 725 years. Maybe I can add my part of this history and prove the people right, so that they will never forget some of us. This is a challenge we have to work on. And to be honest I don`t know how it will be after this year abroad. And I am also not sure, what will be after this. Is my life going better will I get all I dream about. And what will my dreams be? I don`t know, the only thing I know is. That I am living in a time where big changes are might come and so all I have to do is use the opportunity and do the best. Take all the good things with me and leave the bad stuff behind. That is, or would be my new approach to life.


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