Have you ever thought about the HOMO LUDENS. Never heard ? Well HOMO LUDENS is basically the name of a book written by the dutch author Johann Huazinga(( in 1939. The key facts of the books are that people are made for playing,maybe not the kind of play like our kids do, or I have done in the past. Play is necessary to develop the own skills to get a pretty good idea about what you are doing. When you take a look to some, lets say young dogs and if you wacht them then you realize, that they are exploring there nature and their strengths with playing. And they know basically where to stop. The same is in our nature. Huizinga is right in many ways.

Play, however, is not foolish. It lies outside the antithesis of wisdom and folly.“((In: S.6. [29.02.2014].))

But I think there is a time for play and there is a time for work. And in this words, there is something wrong. You can not seperate play and work. Because not every play is a game and not ever game is important for the culture. As I heard last week. It is importand that the society is allowed to play. If you remove all the free froms of play, and that means culture, music and so on, the whole development of the society will stop and fall back in agony. When we look at the people who are waiting for their trains many of them play with their smartphones. It doesn`t matter if they are farming, or shooting, or learning or reading the fact is, that all of them “play” with the mobile. If we look back 10 years ago, I remember those long train-rides when we have been out with the school. Some of us, had some books to cover the time and the others only talked about senseless things, from my point of view and 10 years later. Was that also playing? Is that how a society can change until 10 years ?

Well this and some other questions will be answered soon. And well I like this course. It is the course where we have to create our own videogame. And how does it looks like? TO be honest I have a small, a really small idea.  🙂

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