Great view, but really old buildings

Well the next picture is also a good one. It has that touch of in the 1980 or something. But ti be honest, and this seems to be my new word, is really really cool. I have never seen a city where everyone cares about the other. It may be true, that Portuguese are different, but they are really helpful. My weak knowing of the Portuguese language is also not very helpful, but I am trying. And at the moment I am on a level, where I can order drinks and food, my way to the university and some other small skills. It is a long time since I have thought about a new language or livei n a land where you don`t speak the language. Well that it is a challenge, but nevertheless it is a funny think to talk with “hands and feeds”. But I am really exited about the wireless connections here in and around Coimbra. It was hard and there are still some areas unexplored, but nowi think I know all the passwords and Wifi`s from the university to my .


No I haven't hacked them it was only a matter of coffee & beer drinking. In fact you get the passwords, when you are a guest in the bar. SO hopefully they will not change the keys. But I am really impressed about the capacity of the EDUROAM wireless. The universities and their faculties are located around the hills and not concentrated in the middle of the old town. But, the wireless is working really fine. Don`t be shocked about the pictures, if you come to Coimbra you will love this wonderful town.

See you soon, good and good luck.

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