Well is going well in , the first have been made and it is time to think about what is happening the next few days. First of all, it was a wonderful weekend with my first run arround the Mondego river. Well it was really cool, as you know is covered by over a few hundreds of steps so it is really fascinating to climb then on over the days. I have classes twice a week and I am awaiting the warmer weather to in to pure nature. Well maybe there is another ding, I want to feel the sun as soon as possible. It is true that the weather here is warmer, but not so much as suspected As I told you before, when you come to Portugal in Feb, be prepared for really cold winds. Well after the class I always go to the Cantina, this is one of my favorite thing. Because it reminds me of my military service. Standing in a line, and awaiting your meal. But to say it clear it was a always a great event to get some of the famous “Gulaschsuppe”. To be honest, what I eat here is not really definable. But it is a soup, with a meal and hey, you get bread also. And this to a price about 2,30€. And if you see the “Warteschlange” you can image that some of my colleagues likes it to.


Btw. it seem it is always wednesday… well good and good luck


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