Wednesday (quarta-feira) in Coimbra

When you have finished you things at the university and you want to have some fun. Then search for some suitable internet hotspots. I tried it today with the University network. And I was on my search for some nice portals. When you play ingress you know what I mean. I think Coimbra is the only university where you can check so many beautiful hotspots. Well that is the advantage when you life in a town where the university is already known as European heritage. When I think about it, it sounds a little bid weird, an Austrian explore the old university of Coimbra. But well, why not.. as I told you before why not Coimbra.

After a lunch I went back to the library and coded a few things, not really good but the first step was made to bring our project on track. But I will tell you more If I we have finalized some things. First step is always to have a plan, then we can think about it J

Yesterday I posted a picture about a crow. So how could we preserve and develop new things in our life. I found a video, better to say I remember a video of Patty Smith, “People have the power”. And when you read her lyrics you will know what I mean.

Remember, we have the power 🙂
Good night and good luck


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