Portugese — go for it

has been a while since I have uploaded some post. To be honest it was a really tough week. First of all I spend the weekend on an event. Portuguese language Test 1. I have no how this was but I recognized one think. If you want to speak the Portuguese way it is not enough to learn from the sheet. You have to interact with other people and to train the language in the field. You know what I mean. Well how can you do that.

The first approach is, add a Portuguese newspaper on your start page. Portuguese should cover your way. And you should start the morning with your new language.

Second when you have a radio, listen to the news. Don`t choose an 80ies channels choose one which is really Portuguese.

Third, if you got no Portuguese friends, then go out and some. Or the other way, let them find you in BARS, CLUBS and on many other places. And always go to the same locations. The people are really kind and if you try to order in Portuguese the will help you with your language.

Forth. Go to a football match and find some new friends. It is an event, believe me, when you order your first ticket in Portuguese while the line behind you is growing bigger and bigger. And the moment when you have the ticket in your hand is unbelievable.

And the last advice for today, should be, warch TV. Especially TELENOVELAS which are really really really really big in this country. And they are in.. you got it PORTUGUESE.


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